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cafenoma original blend drip bag 50g (10g x 5 pieces). A set product for 5 cups of drip bag coffee for 1 cup. Based on the beans from Brazil's Sitio da Torre farm, which has many achievements in COE (Cup of Excellence) prizes, it is a blend of Ethiopian Irgachefe, which is synonymous with specialty coffee. Freshly brewed has a mild, coffee-like sweetness. After a while, this coffee has a refreshing citrus flavor and a slightly gorgeous flavor.

  • Product name Regular coffee (powder)
  • Ingredients Coffee beans
  • Raw beans Producing countries Brazil, Ethiopia, etc.
  • Contents Amount 50g (10g x 5 packs)
  • How to grind Medium fine grind Contents 4 cups (12g x 4)

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Enjoy dip style coffee!

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4 Scenes x 4Roasters

Dip Style coffee bag <4SCENES 4ROASTERS> where you can enjoy 16 different flavors by combining 4 scenes and 4 roasters.

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