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Coffee Beans cafenoma Original Blend 2021

cafenoma Original Blend 2021. Based on the beans from Brazil's Sitio da Torre farm, which has many achievements in COE (Cup of Excellence) prizes, it is a blend of Ethiopian Irgachefe, which is synonymous with specialty coffee. Freshly brewed has a mild, coffee-like sweetness. After a while, this coffee has a refreshing citrus flavor and a slightly gorgeous flavor.

An original blend of 2021 made with Golpy Coffee Kawai, who won the 2015 Japan Coffee Roasting Championship and is also an international judge of Cup of Excellence.

  • Product name: Regular coffee
  • Ingredients: coffee beans
  • Raw bean producing countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, etc.
  • Contents: 100g
  • Degree of roasting: Medium roasting

Features of the original blend

The blend that Cafe Noma wanted is a coffee that has a moderate acidity and is delicious whether drip or pressed. I told you that I usually like coffee from Ethiopia and Kenya, and Mr. Kawai proposes 7 kinds of blended samples. The final blend selected is of the highest quality using the specialty coffee selected in the COE cupping evaluation. Mr. Kawai said, "I imagined the time to drink in the office and the time to finish drinking coffee." The coffee has a mild, coffee-like sweetness while it is freshly brewed or hot at the beginning of drinking, and after a few minutes, the coffee has a refreshing citrus flavor and a slightly gorgeous flavor as it reaches the temperature at which it is ready to drink.

Please see the backstage of the production in the video.


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