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Set of 8 postcards

Postcard set with 4 photos and 4 illustrations. You can enjoy it as a postcard or decorate it. Even if you have never displayed an art poster before, it is recommended because it is a small size so you can easily get started. Of the more than 1,000 photos posted on Instagram, these are the eight most popular.

  • 8 sheets set (4 photos / 4 illustrations)
  • Size Hagaki Long side 148 (mm) x Short side 100 (mm)
  • Paper Avion High White 180k
  • Photograph Shin Ryuji Karikomi(cafenoma)
  • Illustration Nobuka Yuba (cafenoma) )

    * Frame and wall mount brackets are not included.

    SKU: PCD-SET-001

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Enjoy dip style coffee!

16types of coffeebag

4 Scenes x 4Roasters

Dip Style coffee bag <4SCENES 4ROASTERS> where you can enjoy 16 different flavors by combining 4 scenes and 4 roasters.

Japan's leading specialty coffee shop offers unique coffee that suits each scene.