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with the image of spending time with coffee slowly. Roasting is one of Japan's leading specialty coffee specialty stores, MARUYAMA COFFEE. Deep roasted original blend. Enjoy the chocolate-like flavor and smooth texture.

  • Product Name Regular Coffee (Powder)
  • Ingredients Coffee Beans
  • Raw Bean Producing Country Guatemala, Bolivia
  • Roasting degree Medium roasting
  • Features Chocolate-like flavor and smooth texture
  • Contents 4 cups (12g x 4) < p>

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    SKU: CFE-4X4-20PN-MYMC

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Enjoy dip style coffee!

16types of coffeebag

4 Scenes x 4Roasters

Dip Style coffee bag <4SCENES 4ROASTERS> where you can enjoy 16 different flavors by combining 4 scenes and 4 roasters.

Japan's leading specialty coffee shop offers unique coffee that suits each scene.