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COASTER / rid walnut

Lid type coaster. cafenoma's original coaster has a natural finish that makes the best use of the goodness of natural wood. The feature is that it is resistant to water while leaving the graininess of the wood surface moderately. You can also use it like a lid with the original cup.

* Please note that the pattern (wood grain) on the surface of the coaster cannot be selected.

[About tree species]
Walnut is characterized by a deep reddish color.

  • Material walnut
  • Size 90φ x h9.5mm
  • Weight about 30g

    [Handling Above note]
    Natural wood, which is called a real person, changes depending on the usage environment and aging. The more you use it, the more it tastes, but it shrinks and expands every day due to changes in temperature and humidity. Discoloration may progress when exposed to the sun, or warpage may occur due to heat. As you use it, the color will gradually fade, but in that case, we recommend applying beeswax.

    Example of combination with original cup
    * Cup sold separately

    It has a floating feeling, so it gives a refreshing impression.

    Inverted trapezoid designed to follow the angle of the cup


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