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Coffee beans container


Original custom parts that make the rubber part of the bean inlet of the roasting machine Panasonic "The Roast" wooden. It has a natural finish that makes the best use of the goodness of natural wood.

* This product is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Please install at your own risk.

  • Tree species walnut / oak / black persimmon
  • Size 78φ x h30mm
  • Weight approx. 35g-40g * Depends on the tree species >
  • Warranty: Not covered by warranty other than initial defects

    [Handling Precautions]
    Natural wood, which is called raw wood, changes depending on the usage environment and aging. .. The more you use it, the more it tastes, but it shrinks and expands every day due to changes in temperature and humidity. Discoloration may progress when exposed to the sun, or warpage may occur due to heat.


New product announcement


Enjoy dip style coffee!

16types of coffeebag

4 Scenes x 4Roasters

Dip Style coffee bag <4SCENES 4ROASTERS> where you can enjoy 16 different flavors by combining 4 scenes and 4 roasters.

Japan's leading specialty coffee shop offers unique coffee that suits each scene.