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MUKU White

A light and durable coffee cup with a thin mouth. It is also compatible with dishwashers and microwave ovens and can be enjoyed as a cup for everyday use. It is a minimal cup that maximizes the goodness of crafting and the innocent look as a vessel.

  • Material Porcelain
  • Size h59mm x w120 x d95mm
  • Weight about 85g
  • Origin: Taji City, Gifu Prefecture < / li>

    Dishwasher can be used Microwave * Can be used from room temperature

    [About unevenness]
    Mass production process and surface Please understand in advance that there are differences in unevenness, patterns, and shades of color because we want to value the texture created by hand, such as glaze and the edge of the cup drawn with a brush. Please refrain from returning or exchanging due to differences in texture and impression of individual uneven baking.

    Example of combination with original coaster
    * Coasters sold separately


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